World-class online training to strengthen player protection standards & effectively safeguard consumers from harms Informed by ‘lived experience’ & relevant to the latest LCCP requirements

This 2-part programme explores gambling-related harms within the context of individuals, families and communities.

Part A: Learners will understand the factors that can make people more vulnerable to gambling-related harms and how recreational gambling can get out of control.  

Part B: This section is told through the eyes of Joe and his journey through gambling addiction. Learners will be introduced to the work of psychologist Dr Custer to help identify gambling-related harms in customers. 

By the end of the workshop learners will be able to:

  • describe gambling addiction theory
  • describe the different types of gambling-related harm
  • define the term gambling-related harm
  • identify the three interplays that cause a loss of gambling control
  • identify the factors that can make someone vulnerable to gambling-related harms, and how this relates to customer profiling
  • identify the gambling-related harm impact on Joe and his family
  • describe how these interplays can trigger vulnerability
  • customer profiling
  • identify the factors that can change a customer’s relationship to gambling