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Programme 3: Understanding Safeguarding and Managing Welfare

This 2-part programme is designed to give learners the information and confidence to identify safeguarding and welfare issues, exploring legal responsibilities within the gambling industry.

Part A: Safeguarding at-risk groups focuses on safeguarding issues for children, young people and adults at risk who need to be referred to social services or the police in an emergency.

Part B: Managing welfare issues relevant to gambling is designed to help learners become more aware of what can make gamblers vulnerable, recognising when someone is at risk of gambling-related harms and support learners in being able to make an appropriate intervention.

By the end of the 2-part programme learners will be able to:

  • describe what is meant by safeguarding and welfare in a gambling context
  • show familiarity with important laws governing safeguarding and welfare in gambling
  • understand the key steps in recognising and responding appropriately to causes for concern
  • describe what steps should be taken where immediate harm is evident and explain how vulnerability and duty of care are defined in the gambling sector