Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Safer Gambling Training?

You must use the unique link that your company has emailed you to create your Safer Gambling Training account. Once received you simply need to complete registration. We recommend you use your personal email address during registration as some company IT systems may block the registration completion email we send out.

If you’ve junk or spam filters on – you may need to ‘white list’ or add the following email as a contact :

Once you’ve registered when you’re ready to start your training simply visit and enter your username (email address) and password.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

At the login page simply click the link title ‘Forgotten your username or password? below the login area and follow instructions.

What’s the best device to access the programmes on?

We recommend you use a laptop or large screen tablet with support for audio. Mobile phones do not fully support our training software. You may find using headphones helps as there’s lots of videos and audio content.

A minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 is recommended along with using the most recent editions of either Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browsers.

Why can’t I see all the programme on my screen?

The programmes are set to scale to your browser window. If your screen and browser window is set very wide you may loose the top or bottom of the programme. To fix this simply reduce the width of your browser window. You can also zoom to view the programme larger or smaller as you prefer, in google chrome you do this by click the three stacked dots top right and pressing the plus (-) or minus (+) buttons next to ‘Zoom’.

Why can’t I access the programmes on my smartphone?

Mobile phones do not fully support our training software. All programmes are highly interactive with quizzes, video and audio. They are optimised for larger screen devices and not small touch screens such as smartphones.

Where are the programmes I’ve signed up to?

When logged into your account simply click ‘My Courses’ top right to view all programmes that have been assigned to you. You must complete the ‘introduction’ course before you’re able to complete other courses.

Why can’t I hear the voice over?

Check you’ve got your volume switch on your device. Have you got headphones plugged in? Are you able to hear audio within you browser from other websites such as youtube? If you can hear audio from other websites then click that the sound icon bottom left of the programme window – here you can slide volume up or down as required.

Why can’t I skip to the next slide?

You’ll be able to click ‘Next’ once the voice over has completed reading out all text on the screen. Another reason may be you’ve not completed a task or action on the slide such as answering a question or pressing a ‘submit’ button.